Lead Lube Holders aka Bullets

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First, The Gas Check Store will post a disclaimer of liability:
  The Gas Check Store cast Lead Lube Holders, which basically are a piece of lead that can be used for reloading purposes, fishing weights, paper weights, etc. period. All of the Lead Lube Holders The Gas Check Store cast are sized as specified and lubed with Jake's Ceresin Scarlet or Purple lubes, because they will not break down, migrate, nor melt under normal temperatures. The buyer of The Gas Check Stores Lead Lube Holders assumes all responsibility and consequences for their purpose and use. The purchaser of The Gas Check Store Lead Lube Holders therefore assumes any and all responsibilities for the use of The Gas Check Store Lead Lube Holders when loading for any firearm, and leaves The Gas Check Store free and clear of any and all liability and or law suits from the improper use of The Gas Check Store Lead Lube Holders. Please consult current reloading manuals for the proper load data for the Lead Lube Holders that The Gas Check Store sell. You should know how to reload, and if there are any questions "ALWAYS ASK SOMEONE MORE KNOWLEDGABLE THAN YOU FOR INFORMATION!" We all know what "assume" works out to be, so DON'T GO THERE, ASK SOMEONE!

With all that said, here are the Lead Lube Holders that The Gas Check Store will be listing for sale.

The Gas Check Store can also provide you with testing of your bullets or Lead Lube Holders for BHN hardness.   Simply send 5 of your bullets, Lead Lube Holders or a sample (one to five ingots) of your casting alloy, your e-mail address, and $5.00 and The Gas Check Store will test each of your bullets, Lead Lube Holders or your sample(s) and return e-mail you with individual BHN hardness ratings. On the bottom of each bullet, Lead Lube Holdersor or sample, number the bullets, Lead Lube Holders or samples from #1 to #5 with a magic marker so you will know which bullet, Lead Lube Holders or sample is being tested. Sorry, but samples can not be returned due to testing deformations. Send your bullets, Lead Lube Holders or samples to:

The Gas Check Store
P.O. Box
Clearmont, GA 30527

Once The Gas Check Store receives your bullets, Lead Lube Holders or samples, you will have a return e-mail with your individual test results within 24 hours after The Gas Check Store receives them. Simple as that. Casting is an art form, and using wheel weights and maybe this much or that much hardening alloy can or most likely does not result in your desired formula of a good bullet or Lead Lube Holder alloy. Too soft of an alloy and you will lead the barrel and deform the bulletor Lead Lube Holder when firing, and too hard of an alloy can cause the bullet or Lead Lube Holder to be brittle and it may fragment. This service from The Gas Check Store will tell you what your BHN hardness is +/- one point, plus The Gas Check Store will also include maximum PSI ratings for your alloy in your return e-mail. The Gas Check Store will also log all bullets, Lead Lube Holders and or samples with your name, e-mail address, bullet, Lead Lube Holders and or sample BHN number and retain this log for your future reference (up to 5 years from the time of the samples taken).

  All of these " Lead Lube Holders " are cast from either Lyman or RCBS molds then they are allowed to sit for a minimum of 48 hours to settle.  They are then sized and lubed in a Lyman sizer using Jakes Ceresin Red Lube.  None of the "Lead Lube Holders" are tumble lubed. The HP's are cast softer than the others so they will be soft enough to do their job.
Shipping is via U.S.P.S. Priority Mail, so please add and additional $5.85 per order to cover shipping costs.
  If you desire to have any of my " Lead Lube Holders " sized to a different size that I list, PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING:
    1) Clean the bore of your firearm
    2) Slug the bore with a soft lead slug to get YOUR bore size accurately
    3) Send several of the slugs to me for authentication
    4) If you want a different sized "Lead Lube Holder", I will buy the die but want to confirm it prior to purchasing the new die.
  To order, go to the " Ordering Information " tab on the home page, all instructions and costs are listed there.

 All orders include extra Lead Lube Holders. The reason for this is casting/sizing/lubing is a mechanical process and there are always going to be a few defects that will get by me. All of the items shown here are cast/sized/lubed BY HAND, nothing is farmed out nor automated, it is all done by hand. Another reason for the extras is that you will have to set up your dies for loading and you might want to fire a few to see how they group or for velocity, and if the order only had 100 in it, you would be short a box, so every order there are 10-15 extras include to eliminate the above mentioned problem.

Lead "Lube Holders"
Caliber Lyman/RCBS Mold Number Weight in Grains +/- Sized Diameter B.H.N. Cost Each Cost/100 Inc. Shipping
 22 Cal Gas Checked  225646  55gr gr.+/-  0.224"  12 - 15    $0.13 ea   $18.58
 30 Cal Gas Checked  311041  173 gr.+/-  0.311"  12 - 15    $0.13 ea   $18.58
 9mm  356637  160 gr.+/-  0.356"  10 - 11    $0.10 ea   $15.85
 9mm  357135A  137 gr.+/-  0.356"  10 - 11    $0.10 ea   $15.85
 38/357 Full Wad Cutter  358495  148 gr.+/-  0.358"  12 - 15    $0.10 ea   $15.85
 38/357  358477  150 gr.+/-  0.358"  12 - 15    $0.10 ea   $15.85
 38/357 Gas Checked  358156 (RT*)    162 gr.+/-  0.358"  10 - 12    $0.15 ea   $20.85
 38/357  358429 (EK*)  170 gr.+/-  0.358"  12 - 15    $0.10 ea   $15.85
 38/357  357411 Ideal (EK*)  175 gr.+/-  0.358"  12 - 15    $0.10 ea   $15.85
 40/10mm  401638  179 gr.+/-  0.401"  10 - 12    $0.10 ea   $15.85
 41 Cal  41-210-KT  212 gr.+/-  0.410"  10-12    $0.13 ea   $18.85
 44 Cal  429215 g/c(RT*)  210 gr.+/-  0.429"  12 - 15    $0.13 ea   $18.85
 44 Cal  44-240-KT (EK*)  240 gr.+/-  0.429"  12 - 15    $0.14 ea   $19.85
 44 Cal  429421 (EK*)  245 gr.+/-  0.429"  12 - 15    $0.15 ea   $20.85
 44 Cal Gas Checked  429244  255 gr.+/-  0.429"  12 - 15    $0.15 ea   $20.85
 45ACP Hollow Point    452630  185 gr.+/-  0.451"  8 - 10    $0.15 ea   $20.85
 45ACP     452460  200 gr.+/-  0.451"  8 - 10    $0.15 ea   $20.85
 45L.C.     45-250-FN  250 gr.+/-  0.451"  8 - 10    $0.15 ea   $20.85
 45 Long Colt  452424 (EK*)  255 gr.+/-  0.451"  12 - 15    $0.15 ea   $20.85
 45L.C.    454190  265 gr.+/-  0.454"  8 - 10    $0.18 ea   $24.85
 45L.C./454 Schofield, gas checked     452641  325 gr.+/-  0.451"  8 - 10    $0.22 ea   $27.75
14 May,2014

(RT*) = Ray Thompson Design     (EK*) = Elmer Keith Design     TBD = To Be Determined

   The Gas Check Store uses only top grade products and equipment that ensure that the products are top quality, which is why The Gas Check Store offers any buyer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. If it doesn't work or perform as described within this web site, send it back and your money will be refunded (minus shipping), it's that simple. An explanation would be nice, but not necessary as to why you are unsatisfied, but that is the way The Gas Check Store runs this business.

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